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Double Cleanse... Really

The skin is a living organ that is multi-functional. Every day it encounters attacks and other than our hands, the face is the area that suffers most, so it is very important that we look after it properly.

The thing we learn about taking care of our skin, even as children, is to clean it. It seems so clear... Wash your face! But do you really understand how to wash your face and how the products that you use affect your skins health?

How many of you, after cleansing, have used cotton wool with a toner, wiped it over your skin and you can still see dirt... But wait, didn't you just wash your face??

A single cleanse with a water-based cleanser will leave behind dirt and oil. Those of us who are a bit more 'skin savvy' know that in order to have clean skin you MUST double cleanse, both morning and night. But there are those of us who have looked deeper and have a deeper understanding of what it takes to achieve clean skin. Come closer, let me tell you... Oil.

'Oil' you gasp. Yes oil!

In science we have learnt that like attracts like, therefore oil attracts oil based products and water attracts water based products. Every day there are two types of dirt that sit on our face. The first is sebum, our natural oils that are secreted through our pores and lay on the skins surface. In addition for some of us there is make-up and spf moisturisers, both of these are designed to sit on the skins surface for long periods of time. The second is water based dirt, such as, sweat and dust etc. Left on the skin, they clog your pores making the skin look dull and causing breakouts.

In order to achieve properly clean and healthy skin that will result in fewer blemishes you must start with an oil based cleanser, such as, Dermalogica Precleanse. Apply this to dry skin and begin cleansing the face. With a blend of olive, apricot kukai nut oils, this first step in cleansing cuts through the sunscreen, make-up and other oils. Add water to create a milky solution, the molecules bond together when this happens, trapping the oily debris. The dirt and debris is then lifted from the skin which will allow your prescribed second cleanser to get really deep and penetrate further.

Repeat this process again with your second cleanser. Dermalogica have different cleansers designed specifically for the many different skin types, so there should be one for everyone, and everyone has their favourite.

The first is from the Clear Start™ range, which is the first serious skin care system aimed at helping teens cut through the hype to get clear skin. The Clear Start Breakout Clearing foaming Wash is a solution which turns into a foamy lather. It can be used on the face, neck and back to remove dirt and dead skin cells that clog pores resulting in spots. Rinse with warm water and keep it out of your eyes.

Tough on breakouts, gentle on skin. That's Clear Start™.

If you have particularly problematic skin when it comes to breakouts then you may best benefit from the Medibac Clearing Skin Wash. As part of the Medibac Clearing Sytem it works to treat, clear and prevent adult acne while addressing the needs of adult skin. This product foams and is designed to get deep to clear out oils and breakouts. Its active ingredient is Salicylic Acid that contains an antiseptic; this means it works at stimulating the natural exfoliation process. In addition it has a cooling element to aid and help calm inflammation. (Due to the strength of this product it is only available to buy in salon).

From the Age smart range, a system that contains scientifically advanced ingredients proven to impact the major biochemical reactions that contribute to skin aging before they start, so your skin is left smoother, firmer and healthier. The Skin Resurfacing Cleanser is designed to achieve superior smoothness and ultra-clean skin. It has a mild exfoliating action due to the highly active Lactic acid that it contains. This resurfaces the skin aiding in the combat against the signs of aging and removes dull debris leaving clearer brighter skin. This fast acting cleanser can show results even after just one use.

AGE Smart® is the intelligent investment in your future skin.

For those of you who suffer from pigmentation, the next cleanser is perfect for you!

ChromaWhite TRx® ensures you can treat your hyperpigmentation safely, without worrying about suffering from irritation or damage that can lead to premature aging. Tri-Active cleanser, from the ChromaWhite range is just as the name implies. A triple activated concentrated cleanser, Lactic acid gently exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells, the rich Shea butter moisturises. The skin is left clean, bright and clarified.

ChromaWhite TRx®, the only system that rapidly delivers visible brightening and improved skin tone while improving skin health.

Itching, burning, stinging and redness are the obvious signs of sensitive skin. To relieve this suffering turn to the UltraCalming range. The cleanser with its gel/cream like consistency can be removed with water or wiped off using a tissue or Dermalogica The Sponge Cloth. This lovely feeling cleanser helps to combat skin sensitivity, as the face is exposed daily to more and more from the environment and other skin irritating products. Containing no artificial fragrances or colour, the soothing properties of this Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) fruit extracts calm inflamed skin. The lavender extracts help to desensitise the skin with its antiseptic and disinfectant qualities.

When skin demands serious relief, trust new UltraCalming.

Dermal Clay Cleanser was created specially to combat the issues that people face with excessively oily skin. The clay solution is oil-absorbing and water-soluble; it refines and purifies the skin. The cucumber and sage soothe and calm the skin whilst the menthol revitalises it.

Essential Cleansing Solution is a creamy consistency that doesn't foam but has a very rich feel to it. It is ideal for those with dry skin, packed with vitamin C & E to improve the skins look and texture, it lifts the impurities whilst maintain the skins moisture levels (ideal for sensitive and oily skin as well).

Special Cleansing Gel! If you are unsure, this cleanser is designed for all skin types, especially combination skin. With extracts of mint and lavender, it calms and soothes. This foamy, gel cleanser is soap free. Add water and watch it bubble up, this cleanser removes the toxins and debris from the skin to leave a super clean finish that doesn't affect the skins natural moisture levels.